The biggest Betty Boop Fan Ever

The biggest Betty Boop Fan Ever

Little MisPlaced

Little MisPlaced

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Ending of a bitter semester

Well I have reached the end of yet one more semester as a Student! Boy was I happy to see it end. I am a bit irritated now because I carried a 3.0 in my Federal income tax up until Sunday when it dropped to a beautiful 2.5 - oh how this is going to kill my GPA. The kicker of it is... I have to take the second part next semester. AHHH- I know how do I plan on being a CPA, if I don't like taxes? I have no intention of being a tax accountant!!! One thing I know is unavoidable are taxes and death -- and trust me one could cause the other. The way thinks are figures seem to be ass backwards. The other bonus to my week was I received a Letter from Paige's school it seems she has missed 7 days - so unless she is already skipping in Kindergarten, I am left to wonder if the school is counting some of the times they have called me to come get her because she doesn't "feel Good" which seems to be a big waste of my time because she has yet to be actually sick just a little warm.. but perfectly energetic all the same. I don't under stand this - We also have a friend who's child is in Paige's class that is a recipient of the same STUPID letter, which she also is having a difficult time accounting for the days her child was missing ?? Which is not to difficult being she has more than one child and no other kid is in receipt of the letter. Not really sure what is up with that.... I have been a busy little bee these past few weeks trying to get school work done and also get things bought for the Christmas holiday!!! For those of you who did not hear Damon got some good news -he passed his water license this time around with flying colors!! I knew he would do good, he worked is Butt off :)

Monday, November 24, 2008


(I apologize for the clutter-it hopefully is only temporary)

So, any of my fellow homeowners know that when you own your own house the up keep never stops! Few years ago we added a "mudroom" and garage to our house. We added the garage for the race car and well the mudroom was meant to be my own space away! Well the mudroom has(for all of those who know us) been a sore subject! That is till lately, My husband has but some major Getty up and go in his step he has completed the mudroom. This weekend my girlfriend helped put all my sewing junk in it and make it as organized as possible(we still have a cabinet to build, and some selves to purchase, but this will be done when funds permit- with x-mas right around the corner in all). So I write to you from the comfort and solitude of my Sewing room!!! Boy does it rock!

(So start to Finish: -old floor -tile being put down
-being grouted - cleaned and awaiting sealer)

Damon has also decided to get a few more projects around the house done he has tore out the cabinets in the kitchen and ripped out the old floor. He as laid the Tile that I purchased a while ago for the mudroom and kitchen (so they would match). He has been one busy little bee! We have some pictures. I also asked Damon if we could move one of the smaller cabinets and put a butchers block on top of it and place it next to the stove so that I could use the other space for a shelf. Damon agreed and said he would build me a shelf next to the dishwasher for miscellaneous groceries. Well while out shopping for wood on Sunday he came across a cabinet (just like one you put in the bathroom or what not) on sale because of some slight damage on the side he mesured it and it was perfect for the space that he was going to build a shelf he bought it for 1/3 of the original price and some black spray paint, so it would match my dishwasher and bingo I have a newly designed space!! Just LOOK!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Mom's Dilemma

So this week my five year old has decided to "CUT" her own hair! What is the real dilemma with this is that this is the THIRD time she has done it. So this time I sat down with her explaining that I was seriously disappointed that she cut her own hair, especially because her aunt is a cosmetologist! I asked what the fascination is with cutting her hair the first time I believe was more of a time and place thing, but the last two have been very secretive and caught much later after the fact because she did not get all the evidence disposed of. (I guess this is the bonus of having curly hair) After our discussion she told me that she simply does not like long hair (Damon and I were bummed- we had waited so long for her hair to actually grow) So I told her that was fine if it fixes the cutting issue she can have her aunt cut her hair (and she will get to choose the length) It seems that with this decision she has grown up so much, she is deciding on how to where her hair with cut and style. What is next!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


It has been awhile, things are crazy lately it seems that every time I turn around there is more homework do! Damon is studying for his water tests which is tomorrow. I think he is going to do well he took it last year this time and just missed his licenses by a tiny percentage. Updates to come when they available. Paige had a ball on Halloween, she was mostly interested in the haunted house that a local homeowner does in his backyard, She went though twice! She got a fair amount of candy(non-of which I have gone though yet so it is still put up) We bought "Tinkerbell" the movie tonight so I did not see much of her after her reading was done! Ok well that is for all tonight.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Education of a kindergartner

So yesterday my five year old came home with homework, she had a book to read. Not having any other children I didn't know what really to expect. She said she needed to read me the book and I had to sign a paper showing she had. OK no problem I figured it would be the way her and I usually read a book, I read one line she reads it over to me. NOPE! I was wrong, she read the entire book with no help! Yes, I know at this age it is mostly memorization, but still my heart about jumped out of my chest. I had the worlds biggest grin and I felt like she was the smartest child in the world at that single moment. It was a awesome accomplishment. I even made her read it a second time for DAD.

We also went to the book fair yesterday, Paige got 3 new books. A Tinkerbell fairy book, a scooby-doo book, and a collection of short Disney princess stories 5 in 1 book. The scooby-doo and Tinkerbell books mom will have to read at 1st but the princess book she picked up like a charm, it will not be long before she will have that memorized so she can read it to mom, and dad.

Monday, October 13, 2008

10 Years! WoW how time flys.

I went to my 10yr class reunion this last weekend. Wow time does fly, it seems that just yesterday we were heading into the world to start figuring out who we were as adults and what we might become. Somethings have changed, otheres have remained the same in the last 10yrs.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lifeis crazy

Well this week has been one of crazy. I dropped my first class ever, and I feel relieved and devastated all at the same time. I have never quit any thing and my life and this feels like a just gave up. I know that I have not I made a decision that best fit where my career and education goals were going. I did not want to barely skate by when this is what I want to do with the rest of my life. I have freed up a lot of my schedule to concentrate on my other studies. I even have a little bit of time to goof off on the computer.

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